Truss Work with Shingles

BARDOLINE from the house of ONDULINE

The Onduline Group, founded in France in 1944, is now recognised as the world leader in the production and marketing of lightweight systems for roof coverings and under roofing.


Easy solution for all types of roofing

A roof is the face of the house. An individual roof cover sets the tone with character and charisma. Protect on and beauty go hand in hand. BARDOLINE glass-fibre and bitumen roof shingles are light and versatile. A choice of shapes and colours are available for a creative roof design.

Five ways/layers to be secure and durable

BARDOLINE are composed of high-quality base materials: two layers of bitumen, naturally-sourced fi red mineral granules, a bottom layer of Silica sand and a glass-fibre insert weighing 100g per square meter. This supports and strengthens the bituminous mass, guaranteeing the shingles rigidity and stability.

Tested to be durable and reliable

BARDOLINE roof shingles have stood the test as an ideal roofing material for pitched roofs. They are adaptable to any surface and can be attached to nailable and solid roof surfaces. BARDOLINE offer rigid roof covering and meet all the requirements of a permanently secure roof. BARDOLINE roof shingles conform to European standard DIN EN 544.

Respecting our environment

BARDOLINE PRO S 125 shingles give interest and appeal to the look. Whether it's the triangle, beaver tail or rectangle shape, the shingles present a harmonious overall picture, well integrated in the environment.

BARDOLINE benefits for our environment

  • Light weight and therefore suitable for light roof structure.
  • High resistance to ageing.
  • Resistant to weathering and high temperature differences.
  • Non - roofing components mean they are suitable for aggressive weather conditions

BARDOLINE benefits for you and your family

  • Choice among shapes and colours
  • Lively visual appearance with individual shades
  • Shingles adapt to any roof structure.
  • Can be used on standard roof pitches from 15° to 85°.
  • Easy installation
  • All cuts for ridges, verges, mouldings, eaves or wall connections are easily made.


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