Truss Work with Pigment Coated Clay Tile

YES YES ROOFS provides a variety of colour-coated sheets in different shades and design. Colour-coated sheets namely Polysteel, in a variety of shades and designs, such as dark, pastel, printed, plain, striped and embossed. These Polysteel sheets are painted after galvanizing and apart from creating a stunning visual impact, bring numerous advantages to end user industries .Polysteel building sheets, fo instance, make it possible to design and construct your choice of beautiful structures, save on structural steel and maintenance, and obtain overall cost effectiveness.

Polycarbonate roofing sheet yields a combination of powerful physical properties and superior insulation for varied roofing, cladding and glazing purposes. Its applications include conservatories, skylights and Covered walkways, displays and signboards, industrial roofing and glazing, swimming pools and greenhouses. These sheets are easy to handle and install.YES YES ROOFS assures sheets in bronze, blue, green, white and transparent colours which garnish your homes and gives an elegant look.


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