Tile Roof Structure

Fed up with concrete roofs! Nowadays people want everything to be nature-friendly even their house also. The tile roof of your house is very important in dictating the atmosphere and sense of security you can get from your house. YES YES ROOFS provides different colours of tile roofs you can ensure fire safety in your house with our tile because some tiles have solar reflectance function which helps with insulation. Other tiles enable greater air circulation so your house will be cooler.Tile roof truss of your house gives a royal feeling of our glorious past. Tile roofing is cost effective and easy to construct.

In building a tile roof, you will need several materials,including a corrugated board, hard sticks made of any material,wall putty,Knives,super glues,large scissors,water,an old painting brush (but a new one will do), and paints. Have these things ready and make sure that they are in good working condition.


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