Yes Yes Roof produces quality and reliable work for clients according to their budget and timeframe.

  • Shingles roof

    Flat & rectangular type of material which are cost efficient, easy to install and durable.

  • Steel Structure Work

    The Steel Roof work is available in different designs, shapes and sizes as per the choice of the clients.

  • Clay Roof tile with truss work

    The roof of your house is very important in dictating the atmosphere and sense of security you can get from your house.

  • Truss roof with clay roof tile

    A clay tile design gives instant credibility to the feeling of quality construction and produces an aesthetic appeal.

  • Tile roof truss work structure

    Tile roof truss of your house gives a royal feeling. Tile roofing is cost effective.

  • Gutters

    The gutters funnel the water to the downspout on the ground where it's directed away from the foundation of the home.

About Us

Since 1996, we are furnishing strong ceiling to your dream home. Over the years we have ventured into the field of truss work and can say with pride that today, we proved our excellence in this field. In the area of truss work, the company has shown its standards with its outstanding quality-oriented works. We are well equipped with a dedicated team of highly experienced workers and a large number of satisfied customer's through-out Kerala, who have helped us to achieve this enviable position.

  • Truss Work with clay Tile
  • Truss Work with pigment Coated clay Tile
  • Truss work with Shingles
  • Tile roof Structure


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